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Toronto Child Porn Charges Lawyer
How and why we defend child porn charges in Canada

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about our child pornography criminal defence services. If you have further questions, simply call us at 627-228-5969 (GTA/Toronto) or 1-866-347-3322 (across Canada).

Who can you help? Do you only represent people in Toronto or those throughout Ontario and all of Canada?

We provide direct referral and assistance (in technology related strategies) to clients in all courthouses in the Greater Toronto Area and across Ontario. For individuals whose cases are in courts outside of Ontario, we provide help by providing proper referrals and assisting local lawyers with current defence strategies to help get your charges withdrawn or acquitted at trial. We currently work with and refer cases to a Toronto Criminal Lawyer which substaintial child porn case experience and over 30 years of experience practising criminal law.

I am an individual or media organization that is offended you actively help people defend child porn related charges. What do you have to say?

Perhaps more than any other type of criminal charge, none carries a more negative stigma and label than child porn. This label is sometimes unjustified and based on assumptions the public makes because of misunderstanding and overestimating the nature of the charge itself (in some cases).

Often the people most vehemently opposed to our focused child porn defences are the first to call us for help when they get a knock on their door from the police accusing them of child porn. They immediately realize how easy it is to be wrongly charged with this extremely serious, life ruining offence.

Aren't all those charged with child porn dangerous "child predators"?

Canadians generally believe everyone charged with child porn is a "dangerous child predator" who sexually abuses or is aroused by watching babies or prepubescent children engaged in having sex with adults or other children. The reality is that many cases are not nearly this simple and don't involve such severe allegations.

It is also surprisingly easy for a person's computer to be compromised and to have a charge laid because a third party, known or unknown to the accused, used their computer or internet connection for illegal purposes.

Minor allegations = same devastating charges

Sometimes child porn charges are based on extremely minor allegations, but the life ruining consequences and mandatory minimums remain the same. The names of charged individuals are often publically reported in the media before being convicted and the person is labelled a "child sex predator". What the media doesn't report is that the charge may be based on nothing more than a police officer's opinion that a girl in a picture "looks like she is about 16 or 17".

If you are charged with child porn, society (family, friends, employers, law enforcement, and customs) will always assume you are preying on and actively abusing children, filming/creating child porn, and searching for and possessing the most violent and offensive/degrading types of child pornography (in terms of ages, acts, etc). In reality, many accused are harmless, regular people who have never abused a child in their life. Often these individuals are looking at who they believe to be young adults and have no idea it is something the police would think is underage/illegal.

We see first hand these misunderstandings and the persistent oversimplification of child porn related charges that exists in Canada because of non descriptive media portrayals and overly broad federal criminal legislation.

We've had some of the top sex crime police officers in the country press charges after making statements like "asians are hard to tell, but I think she's about 17". The accused did nothing more than look at an image of an adult asian woman, fully developed, standing naked in nature in a non-sexual pose. The charges remain the same: possession, making (because he copied the file), and accessing child porn.

Is this person really a child sex predator who deserves to go to jail and have his life ruined? What about the good meaning parent who is charged for uploading a photo of their child in the bathtub after police discover the image and determine the child has a "sexual look on their face"?

Like many things, child porn cases are not nearly as simple as some assume them to be.

How long will this process take?

Child porn cases can take anywhere from a few months to years to resolve. Sometimes cases can drag on because of lengthy forensic investigations. Police can take tremendously long amounts of time to go through the computer systems and categorize what they allege to be the infringing images/videos.

While delays can sometimes work in the accused’s favour and be grounds for an acquittal under section 11(b) of the Charter, the accused is often left waiting for 1.5+ years before submitting his application for dismissal. We understand that our clients are often under very strict release conditions while they await trial (particularly with regard to computer use), but the goal of avoiding a conviction is paramount.

Prematurely rushing a case can sometimes be the difference between a conviction and the person walking free. Ensuring the greatest chance that you will be acquitted or your charges withdrawn can take time, and can be difficult, but we are here with you every step of the way.

I have a legal aid certificate, will you take my case?

No. Properly defending child porn related charges requires significant court and preparation time. We are committed to providing state of the art child porn defences to all clients without limitations or restrictions. We will never compromise the quality of the services we provide.

We do not accept legal aid cases of any nature whatsoever. Any legal aid certificates submitted to us will be disregarded without any response. Please do not contact us regarding cases funded by legal aid.

Call us today for free information

You need a lawyer who focuses on child porn related charges to defend your case. Child porn sentences (including for all guilty pleas) result in mandatory lengthy jail terms, sex offender registrations, and other employment, travel, and immigration related consequences that can ruin your life.

Winning acquittals and withdrawn charges often requires more than traditional defence methods. It may be possible to avoid a conviction by raising doubt in your case using highly sophisticated technological and constitutional defence strategies.

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Please note: Your case will be defended by a fully licensed Practicing Lawyer of the Law Society of Upper Canada. For more information about our lawyer, click here.

Outside of Ontario?
We can help you win your case by providing referrals, case planning, and strategic defence counselling to your local lawyer. Contact us toll free at: 1-866-347-3322

Are you a lawyer?
Compared to other criminal offences, child porn charges are rare. If you are defending a child porn case and are looking for expert advice regarding possible defences, call us at: 647-228-5969.

Please note: We do not accept legal aid certificate cases. All clients are handled on a private retainer only.


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