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Toronto Child Porn Charges Lawyer


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You need a lawyer who focuses on child porn related charges to defend your case. Child porn sentences (including for all guilty pleas) result in mandatory lengthy jail terms, sex offender registrations, and other employment, travel, and immigration related consequences that can ruin your life.

Winning acquittals and withdrawn charges often requires more than traditional defence methods. It may be possible to avoid a conviction by raising doubt in your case using highly sophisticated technological and constitutional defence strategies.
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Please note: Your case will be defended by a fully licensed Practicing Lawyer of the Law Society of Upper Canada. For more information about our lawyer, click here.

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We can help you win your case by providing referrals, case planning, and strategic defence counselling to your local lawyer. Contact us toll free at: 1-866-347-3322

Are you a lawyer?
Compared to other criminal offences, child porn charges are rare. If you are defending a child porn case and are looking for expert advice regarding possible defences, call us at: 647-228-5969.

Please note: We do not accept legal aid certificate cases. All clients are handled on a private retainer only.


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